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Breakfast Cereals

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

This week out of request, I have been asked to discuss breakfast cereals.

Some people want a quick convenient option, or just prefer to eat cereal in the morning. So today instead of saying no, I want to show which are the best options to buy that isn’t full of added sugars!

Before I do though, I need for you to understand, cereals are high in carbohydrates and if eaten in large quantities, can lead to body fat gain. So make sure you look at the individual serve size. (usually ½ C of cereal). Most cereals are low in fibre and protein, and as a result are usually hungry after an hour post consumption. My definition of high fibre for cereal is anything over 5g per serve if you would like a reference guide.

So to compensate for this, I usually ask clients to add ½ scoop of protein powder on water (shake) to their meal. This will prevent hunger and ensure you are consuming enough protein at brekky! I also utilise cereals that are high in fibre to prevent hunger.

So what are the best cereals to buy?

  • Goodness Superfoods Digestive 1st or Protein 1st is one of the best cereals out there! It is very high in fibre which will keep you fuller for longer, and is also high in protein.

  • Freedom foods – Active Balance, either Multigrain and cranberry or Buckwheat and Quinoa - Gluten Free, Nut free, Wheat free. The buckwheat and quinoa is the better option of the two

  • Oats - 1/3 a Cup or 1 sachet - full of fibre to help keep you again fuller for longer!

  • Untoasted Muesli - try to avoid lots of dried fruit and again pick an option high in fibre

  • Special K Original

  • Gluten Free Weetbix

  • Uncle tobys shredded wheat

  • Uncle Toby’s plus range: Protein, antioxidant & omega 3

Remember – this is all off the recommended serve size! Serve with low fat/skim milk.

What are the cereals to avoid??

The following cereals are just a few of the not so good options! Why? Because they are low in fibre, low in protein and full of added sugar. Unless you eat a full bowl full - usually 4 times the amount normally needed, it will be hard to be satisfied. These products are high GI, which means it will take your energy levels on a rollercoaster ride and leave you craving something else sweet within an hour or two.

Cornflakes! These are a high GI food (will give you an energy level spike and plummet not long after)

Nutrigrain Coco pops or really anything chocolate based! Fruit loops

Anything really advertised as clusters/granola clusters! To bind these together, they use additional honey/sugar/oil etc. A lot of extra unnecessary carbohydrates that will not help prevent hunger!

So if you are interested in consuming breakfast cereals, make sure you are making the best decision possible!

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