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New Gold Coast practice OPENS 29 JANUARY

Our new Gold Coast Target Nutrition service will be opening on 29 January to help you with your new year's goals.

We will be co-located with Physique Science and will be offering dietetic services and DEXA body composition services through Physique Science.

Dietitian Consults

Initial consult and meal plan development - $110

Review Consult - $80

We offer one-on-one dietitian consultations where we will provide you with tailored, evidence-based dietary advice to suit your individual needs.

  • general healthy eating

  • body composition changes

  • weight/fat loss

  • muscle gain

  • athletic performance (including CrossFit, weightlifting, professional sports)

  • food intolerance/allergies

  • issues with fertility 

  • medical conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, heart disease etc.

Body Composition Analysis

Target Nutrition works with Physique Science to provide the most comprehensive body composition consultation service in Queensland.

DEXA Scan – Body composition analysis - $50

If you are a PT or gym owner, email me today to find out about our special offers info@targetnutrition.com.au.



Located at

Suite 2a, Level 1, 76 Commercial Road, Newstead

Phone: 0413 684 215

Email: info@targetnutrition.com.au

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