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Dietitian Consults 

Whether you're interested in general healthy eating, weight loss, have food intolerances/allergies, issues with fertility or medical conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, heart disease etc. we offer one-on-one dietitian consultations where will provide you with tailored, evidence-based dietary advice to suit your individual needs.


Initial Consultation:

Assessment – we will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle , food preferences, intolerances, exercise and daily routine so we can help plan the best to make sure we create something realistic for you.


We then create a meal plan tailored to these questions to help you reach your goals.

Initial consult and meal plan development - $200


Review Consultation:


Review consults help tailor help keep you accountable and help us adapt your current diet to ensure you are still seeing results. We are very results based so we only suggest consults when we know our clients need them.

Review Consult - $92.50

Body Composition Analysis


Target Nutrition coincides with Physique Science to provide the most comprehensive body composition consultation service in Queensland.


Body composition, quite simply, is understanding how your total body weight is shared across your soft-tissues and bones.


Your soft tissue is broken up into:

  • Fat and

  • Fat free-mass also called lean soft tissue. This includes your muscles and everything else including your internal organs, water, blood vessels etc


While weighing yourself tells you how heavy you are overall, it doesn't tell you anything about changes in these different components.  Body impedance analyses, skin-folds, the tanita scales all try to measure the different components (particularly muscle and fat) but they're all affected by changes in the water balance in our bodies... and the skills of the person taking the measurements.

DEXA data, on the other hand, is considered a more reliable method to assess lean body mass and body fat percentage in clinical research and athletic practice. A DEXA scan at Physique Science can identify changes in body fat and muscle mass as small as 200-300g. This is much more accurate than body fat scales or skin-fold measurements where errors of 1-2kg can be common.


DEXA Scan – Body composition analysis - $50



Amie and Dayn provide a 60 minute presentation about nutrition to support exercise, body fat loss, and evidenced based nutrition supplements.

They fly all over the country to do this if required. For outside of South East Queensland, seminars require a minimum of 10 people. In the south east Queensland area the cost is $15 per person. Outside of this it is $25 per person to account for travel costs.

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