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Alcohol - How to minimise the damage?!

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Alcohol has been played out in the media as something that can benefit your health, but then at the same time be detriment to it. Personally, I don’t promote the consumption of alcohol, because I see it as wasted calories, but I would be kidding myself if I expected all my clients to see it in the same way. So today I have some tips to I guess control the damage of consuming those extra calories and toxins.

My first tip is to avoid consuming any fatty foods alongside alcohol, which I find can be pretty challenging for most people! How often do you have cheese and wine, or beer with nuts or chips. What about options like takeaway foods like McDonalds, KFC, kebabs, chocolate, curry’s, coconut or oil based products.

Now the question is, why do I say avoid fat? At rest, our body is using fat as a fuel source to keep it functioning well. As alcohol is a toxin, our body wants to remove it as quickly as possible and as a result, uses that alcohol as a fuel source. So when we consume any fat based foods alongside the alcohol, instead of our body using the fat for fuel, it will divert it all to storage! So the easiest way to control the damage of alcohol consumption is to stick with lean meat and vegetables or salad if you are having a night out! And avoid the bacon/hash browns or greasy food the next morning!!

Yes I know you all hate me now haha. But in reality it is the easiest way to control the damage.

My second tip is to avoid sugary mixers. Pick vodka, lime and soda, white wine or sparkling or low carb beer (yes another cringe I am sure ;)). These have a lower calorie content then normal beer, cider or any sugary based drink!! You will save yourself a number of calories if you stick to this.

Next, try and consume a glass of water in between drinks, this will help slow the consumption down and again the less calories you will consume!

But what about if you are not a social drinker and just like to have a few glasses of wine a night or a couple bottles of beer? Maybe try to cut it back slowly.  Start with two alcohol free nights, then increase it to three and then four after a few weeks. I have some clients who just like the idea of having a wine glass in hand. Why put wine in it? Try soda water and lime or if that will not satisfy you try a sugar free cordial. It only takes a three or so weeks to change a habit if you commit to it. You can do it :)

Lastly, don’t be afraid to say no! A lot of people feel out of social obligation they have to drink, or you feel like you are missing out. You don’t have to drink!! It is your body and you are the one that has to live in it for the rest of your life. You are the one who has to deal with the aftermath the next day. You have to deal with trying to lose the extra kilo or two gained from the weekend. The habits that you make now will affect your life later on. If you feel like these habits don’t truly affect you, what about your friends, or family and children around you? I have seen too many times, the effect of excessive alcohol consumption on families or partners and the stress on the relationship begins to build. You are all a role model to someone, whether you believe it or not, so don’t be afraid to say no and begin to change your those habits!

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