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Commonwealth Games - Tracey Lambrechs

My second athlete that competed over the course of the Commonwealth Games is New Zealand Olympian - Tracey Lambrechs.

Tracey approached me 17 months ago when she was forced to drop down into a lighter body weight category in order to compete.

She had 3.5 months to drop almost 20kgs - which completely from sheer will power and determination she did. Tracey then had to maintain this body weight for a year in order to keep her campaign to make the Commonwealth team for New Zealand.

At the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Tracey lifted

Tracey has now retired from international competitions which was signified by taking her weightlifting shoes off at the end of the Commonwealth Games competition after her last lift. Something that brought tears to my eyes. Being in communication with Tracey almost every day - it creates a great friendship and one that I will cherish forever. The hard work and determination these athletes put into their whole lifestyle - training, diet, recovery - it just completely amazes me.

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