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Competition Day Nutrition Part 1

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

As a good proportion of my clients are from an Olympic Weightlifting Background, I thought it would be a good idea to break down nutrition for a competition day.

I find many Olympic Lifters struggle to get through the whole competition without too much fatigue settling in. So here are a few tips to help keep you performing at your best!

For Olympic Weightlifting Athletes: This comes down to whether you have to cut weight for the competition or not as to how vigorous you need to be to refuel your body. So for this I will break it down.

For those sitting comfortably in their weight division: Ensure you are consuming a protein based option at each meal such as 2-3 eggs, 100-150g of lean meat or fish, 150-200g of chobani yoghurt, protein powder etc. You will only need one or two larger meals with carbohydrate containing foods to prevent fatigue such as muesli with yoghurt, wholegrain bread roll, 1-2 pieces of fruit. Try and avoid anything with fast releasing carbohydrates such as lollies, soft drinks, juice and chips. There is no need for them at this point of time, and will probably end up making you feel worse than better!

For those who struggle to make weight division. Usually you are dehydrated and carbohydrate depleted going into a competition. Always in the lead up, ensure you are still regularly consuming protein throughout the day to minimise muscle mass loss. If you are struggling to get through the day – do a mouthwash and spit out sugary drinks to help increase your energy levels. You will feel better by doing so I promise! Post weigh in:

Consume a very high amount of carbohydrates both fast and slow releasing alongside a fluid with electrolytes. For example, muesli and yoghurt with added dried dates and sultanas; oat and honey muesli bars/slices and fruit; a vegemite sandwich and Gatorade. Of all electrolyte drinks Gatorade, hydrolyte or Endura are the better options to go for! Make sure you hydrate well after and drink slowly.

Nutrition during lifting: Try and find a caffeine source to have 45 minutes- 1 hour prior to warm up to help increase the feeling of being alert. In between the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, again try another caffeine source and pick a carbohydrate source to go along with it – only small such as a piece of fruit, a snack pack box of sultanas, muesli bar, gels. If you do not like to eat, gatorade or dextrose is a great option to drink. This will prevent any feelings of fatigue by the time you get to your last lifts and you will feel more capable of hitting that PB!

During the last 3 attempts of CNJ, I would take out a carbohydrate drink alike gatorade to have sips on between lifts; just to help refuel after each lift!

These are just the basic nutrition tips but can make a big difference for your lifts so take advantage of them. If you need help determining what are the best options for you, please email me at

Do not underestimate the power of nutrition in competition!

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