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Consistency is the key

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

This week I wanted to discuss something that is as simple as consistency. This is consistency in training, consistency in your nutrition and even consistency in your emotions or how you mentally address a task. Many people struggle with gaining consistency in all aspects of life and I know I am definitely one of them.

But the reality is, if you are consistent with the path you need to take to reach the goals you have, you will see those results. Consistency in training:

If your goal is to become a train and be an athlete or if you just want to become a strong athlete, but are struggling to see results. Do you consistently training with a great coach, great program and with other likeminded individuals to push you in the right direction. My first question to you today is how can you expect to see decent results in training if you do not consistently show up to training and complete the program set for you. What about if you turn up but only occasionally complete the whole program or put in half efforts. Say if your strength isn’t increasing or you’re not becoming faster or more agile, who do you blame. Your coach, the programming, the atmosphere around you? Or do you blame yourself for not doing what was set for you or work at the required intensity.? If you haven't consistently done the work, how can you expect to get stronger. For example, for me personally, there was a couple weeks after my first competition that I was not able to turn up to my training sessions. When I went back after about two weeks, I felt like I had gone backwards in technique and strength. I was worried that the programming wasn’t working but in reality I had no one to blame but myself. I didn't turn up and get the work done! Put in the consistent effort and time and you will see results!

The same goes for weight loss; are you doing everything you need to in order to see weight loss? Are you eating properly, or are those extra foods creeping in. Are you getting in enough cardio training to help see changes. Most importantly - are you getting enough of both cardio and good nutrition at the same time?

What does your nutrition regime look like? Is it something that you may only follow for a couple weeks, or is it a lifestyle change? If you don't have a nutrition plan in action that is easy to follow and targeted to your goals, training, lifestyle and routine are you really doing everything possible to see results. Set yourself up for success. Find a plan that will work for you. I have changed my own nutrition plan a number of times to find what works well for my lifestyle and training at that time. If I don't I know I'll falter and set myself up for failure.

The same goes for cardio. If you have your nutrition right but you aren't seeing weight loss, are you doing enough cardio for fat loss? Even more so, are you doing it consistently throughout the week? Or because it is too cold and you don't want to get out of bed in the morning it has been on and off. I know I have done this many times, especially in winter. But you need to decide what you want and go for it. I have said this plenty of times before but you need to control your own outcome!

Consistency in nutrition and training will get you the results you want. However consistency for a week is not long enough. So don't be upset if you don't see fast results straight away. Be consistent for a few months at  a time. Give yourself a one day break here and there. But stay consistent! This relates well to mental or emotional consistency. Are you committed to seeing change, or do you struggle mentally committing to a program? As hard as it is and as much as you feel like you are putting in all this work and only seeing small results. Find the path that works for you and keep on it. You will see the results you want if you keep strong!

I know I have asked a lot of questions, but hopefully this will give you something to ponder.

All the best

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