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Easter Treats - how to manage them.

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

With Easter on the way, there are going to be treats... it is about managing them so that you can still enjoy a little something without going over board. Planning ahead so that you can stay on track without feeling like you are missing out or being deprived.

Here are a few questions coming in about managing Easter celebrations and treats:

Can I have Easter eggs? 

Yes you can; however

Pick some good quality chocolate that you will actually enjoy.

Only buy what you want to consume over the weekend so you don't leave yourself tempted with leftovers for weeks to come.

If you feel like you will be receiving an abundance of chocolate; instead of chocolate why don't you ask for something different that is not food. E.g. a book, flowers, or clothing etc

When is the best time to eat chocolate?

The best time to eat chocolate is after exercise! Carbs/sugar are stored as glycogen in the muscle cell and when you exercise you use up a lot of these carbs stores. If you eat the chocolate/hot cross buns/ all the delicious foods after exercise your muscle cells will gobble up all that extra sugar and store it in the muscle cell rather than fat. If you consume an excessive portion size away from exercise, expect to gain more body fat over the weekend. So get outside; be active with your family and don't use the long weekend as an excuse to be lazy.

Do I eat it all at once or a little bit at a time?

If after exercise eat more here, if you haven't exercise just have a little bit at a time. A couple Easter eggs at a time or pick one thing each day. One hot cross bun, chocolate egg, a mini bunny or just alcohol only.

Help! I need a game plan – I have so many celebrations based around food and drinks between Good Friday & Easter Sunday & the long weekend?

Pick the events at which you will be more relaxed and more strict on yourself. 4 days of celebration is a long time and is really not needed! My general advice is pick one thing each day; make sure the rest is controlled. If you know you have large brunch/Lunch or dinner - cut out the snacks during the day or have one snack closer to your meal so you aren't as hungry going into the meal.

Help! I gained so much weight in two days and I'm freaking out! How did that happen? 

It is easy for people to become overwhelmed with how much weight they have gained in a weekend. I think the most I have heard of my own clients or friends is about 6kgs in a weekend. Now there is no way you can gain that much fat in the space of one weekend. When you have extra sugary/carby foods you body will retain more fluid. Every gram of glycogen holds onto about 3g of fluid. As soon as you go back to normal eating you will drop the excess weight within a week.

So 1. Don't go super crazy! Prevent that fluid retention and 2. If you have over eaten, really try to get back into your normal pattern of eating ASAP, you will feel lighter and healthier withing a couple days.

What should I do to help get me back on track? 

Contact me on 0413 684 215 if you need help or email me at

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