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Excuses - how to beat them!

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Every day I get hit with the same excuses over and over as to why someone could not follow the diet. So today I am going to discuss the most common ones and how to battle them or how to think differently.

The most common – I have injured myself and cannot exercise. First and most importantly, does this injury impair you from stopping all exercise – if you have hurt your shoulder, wrist or elbow, can you still not do lower body work, or for a knee or ankle, is there not some kind of upper body work you can do? What about simple things like walking, or swimming, or sitting on a bike.

The majority of the time, some form of exercise can still be done. Even though it may not be the most interesting it is still burning calories. I hurt my lower back (3 bulging discs) at the end of last year. Instead of completely giving up I started walking and swimming. Some days I would walk for an hour other days 3-4 just to burn calories. I would also swim as much as I could. I found if I was sitting on the couch doing nothing I would get into the habit of not exercising and once my back was better I would not want to get back into it.

Not only this, instead of saying ‘oh, I’ve hurt myself, I am going to have a pity party all to myself and eat whatever I want’, I tightened up my diet, I kept it simple and avoided as much extra foods as possible. I didn’t want to gain 5kgs and I didn’t. I just lost muscle mass however I focused on controlling my diet because I wasn’t able to control my exercise. Yes I was still grumpy and upset because I couldn’t exercise and I was in pain all the time, but once my body started to heal, I didn’t need to focus on losing weight, just regaining my fitness and the strength that I had lost. Mentally, so much easier!

So remember, if you do every become injured – and I hope you do not, but think, keep moving the muscles that you can to burn those calories, and control your diet! Don’t go crazy because once it will drive yourself into a further hole of depression, because you feel fat, you feel weak and lazy and as a result you will probably eat more. Then the cycle will continue. Break the cycle now. If you need help just ask.

What might be the next excuse? I went away, and then I had this function on and then I had a family outing etc. So I think I will wait a little longer so I can start fresh next Monday, or the Monday after that? Sound familiar, I have done it before so I am sure I am not the only one.

But life happens, things come up that you are not able to control or change, but it is how you deal with these events that will impact how you feel, your body weight and exercise. Nutrition significantly affects the body’s mood and energy levels. Rather than focusing on following something perfectly, follow it as best as you can rather than changing nothing at all or giving up. Damage control – if you have a function or family outing – do some exercise before it starts, that way your body is more likely to use the extra calories for fuel rather than store them. Pick the healthier options.

  • Meat and vege minimal chips, or sauces on the side

  • Don’t eat all of your meal – it is ok to leave food on your plate.

  • Pick a smaller serve size – do not go for entrée, main and dessert

  • Take your own snacks with you

  • Steer clear of the fried food

  • Pick vodka lime and soda, spirits with sugar free drinks, wine, low carb beer.

Even though it may feel hard, it is worth it. Think of your energy levels, mood, and training. Take the time to focus on what you want and stop making excuses that it is too hard or there are too many things going on. There is always a way around, just take the time to find that path!

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