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Holiday Eating - Minimise Weight Gain

So what is it?

What are my tips and tricks to minimising weight gain while on holidays.

Firstly though – you need to decide if this is for you. Some people don’t want to care and that is ok however I find I normally have all the complaints when they return on how much fat has been gained in that time. Sooo decide who you want to be. Or just try going in with this mentality that ill give you today and see how you go and what you prefer.

Now when I am going away on holidays in whatever location I decide to go to I generally look up gyms in the area or suss out the gym in the hotel/air bnb I decide to pick

For me as I do Olympic Weightlifting – I find if I go longer than 4 days without some kind of training I lose my strength. I did 3.5 weeks in Europe a number of years ago and did not train at all. I walked 20000-40000 steps a day and just didn’t want to train. However when I came back I struggled to squat 60% of my 1rm and couldn’t walk for days. From that point on I decided I would always try and do something or find somewhere to train while I was away. Feeling weak and having to climb my way back for a couple months after to where I was before I left I hated and since Ive decided I never wanted to do that again.

However If there is no gym or the gyms around are too expensive to go often; I walk, bike, swim, snorkel, dive and just be as active as I can each day. This doesn’t mean that’s all I do all day every day. But I make sure I do something and get in at least a few hours of movement over the course of the day. Some days I walk 20000 steps; other days I’ll be in the water! If you go to the snow – snow boarding/skiing requires effort! Take advantage of it.

The more movement I do will depict how much extra food I eat/drink

My tips for food and travel are:

Try and get a place that has a kitchen – for any Air BnBs I stay in I make sure this is a priority. Hotels – usually have a mini fridge at least so I take advantage of that.

Bring food with you from home; most foods will clear customs as long as you declare it. I always take protein bars/nut bars/muesli bars; generally my GF weetbix; and protein powder with me so I always have back up food

My focus first and foremost is that each day I have 3 serves of protein to help maintain my muscle.

I’ll give my last trip as an example: I was in America – For the first half of the trip because I was at the Games my Breakfast I either made eggs on toast or had my Weetbix with protein and milk depending upon whether I trained in the morning or not. I made a big batch of chicken and veggies with microwavable rice to take with me to have for lunch; the afternoons I would either have a protein bar or I ate ice cream because I love ice cream. Then dinner changed depending upon what I did in the afternoon; I had eggs/meat and veggies or I ended up having wine and chocolate or ice cream for dinner. I pick one meal each day that I literally just eat what I want but I control most of the rest of the day. For this half of the trip I wasn’t active throughout the day because I was spectating so I didn’t feel the need to want to eat as much

The second half of my trip I was in Chicago as a little different:

I was way more active I trained every day and walked 20,000+ steps a day, alongside a long bike ride. I also spent 3 hours tanning outside by the pool each day.

I found a supermarket around the corner from where I was staying after a bit of a walk around and bought some fresh veggies and bread and anything else I didn’t have leftover

I still had eggs and toast with veggies and my GF weetbix and protein and protein bars – literally the time of day I had this was random again: but every day I would I either have ice cream or alcohol and crackers. Oh and I really wanted to try this frozen custard they had over there and it was AMAZINGG. Shake Shack people – if you haven’t been – you should go haha. I chose when that meal would be or if I wanted two different things that day; I would just make sure I was more active.

For me I guess travelling is different; I travel to see the world not eat the world if that makes sense. Sure there are always some things I want to try; but I don’t revolve my whole trip around eating out; and plus it saves all the dollars by preparing or bringing some of your own!

Some people want to eat out all the time and that is totally your choice. There is no pressure from me.

But this is how I came back lighter than when I left and I didn’t feel like I missed out on a thing. I had a great time! Because I’m sure there will be someone that says – Oh gees live your life Amie; life’s too short to care this much on your holiday ;)

Below is a photo of me on the Ledge of the tallest Skyscraper in America; If you cant tell I am happy and blessed that I get to do things like this so early in my life :)

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