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How do I measure my success?

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

On Monday night I attended a Branch meeting for all Sports Dietitians in Queensland. One of the ladies was recapping a seminar that she had attended in Melbourne. The speaker discussed how we as Dietitians are to measure our success, and also defining what it means to me to be successful in my field.

I have had to ponder on this for a few days to figure out what it really does mean to me. As a dietitian my ultimate success would be one that thrives off Olympic Weightlifting. Personally, I do not just want to focus on how a person looks on the outside and provide information on how to do that; but become a true Sports Dietitian. One who focuses on nutrition for training at 100%, muscle recovery, maintaining the correct body weight and nutrition for competition.  I personally want to become solely an Olympic weightlifting sports dietitian and thrive off this. This is what I will class as successful and I know it is what I want to do.  However, I do not just want to be the one who just tells them what to eat and when. I want to experience their athletic career with them, and I want them to know I am with them 100%.

I was talking with my coach Miles Wydall one morning and how the first few years of coaching his goals were to go to the Olympic games, commonwealth games as a coach. Once he had done that, it was more of the goal of seeing his athletes compete and the joy they get from competing. The same goes for me, I want to be there for my clients on the rollercoaster rides they take. The bad training days or lifting sub-optimal lifting in competitions, the days they hit PB’s, when making weight becomes easier and easier. I want to be the one who can go to the Olympic/Commonwealth Games, Oceania’s to be able ensure athletes are eating exactly what they need to. I want them to know I care and am here to see them perform at 100%.

The question of how do I become successful has not only affected how I approach my own business, but also my personal life. How can I measure my success as a person? What do I need to do to feel like I can be successful in myself and what does that mean?!

I want to be successful in my own nutrition choices, my own training, how I talk to or about people or whether I am a person that others can approach. The elements which affect my own mental health and wellbeing which are the aspects I personally feel I struggle with.

I struggle to keep my nutrition consistent, sometimes I just give up and say screw it, I am over watching portion sizes and I just want to eat for training. Then the struggle with how I feel and look. I am just alike 80% of the population out there and struggle frequently. You would think I would be able to put my own advice into practice, but sometimes I just can’t mentally. But sometimes I think admitting what is wrong is just the beginning of the process to change. I have struggled for the last 8 years of disordered eating. When I have goals I am focused and centred. But when I don’t, life gets messy and I relax.

I am slowly finding the happy medium and am getting better and better each year. I know I will get it one day, but it is all a process. I will not give up and it is something I ask you to do. Don’t give up just because you struggle.  Be a role model to your kids, and family who may be also struggling with their own body weight. Be their inspiration and motivation and help them.  Every single person influences another in one way, so take advantage of it for the better.

I guess what I am starting to realise, is that life is such a journey, I can look back at what I have done and learn from my struggles and set backs, and decide what step forward I am going to take next. What small thing I can take control of and be proud that I have changed.

That is what I want to ask you? What one SMALL thing can you change for your health and well being? Email me and let me know, truly have a think of what you want to be most successful in and one is one thing you can change now to take one step in that direction.

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