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I Should Vs I Choose

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

You hear a lot in the media or from people around you fat loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise or some other random breakdown. You know what I really believe it is; is more an even split of psychology, diet and exercise. How many times have we picked certain foods because of how we feel; or guilt or shame or as a reward? How many times have you skipped training or exercise because you didn’t want too? Our thought process provokes the decisions we make and sometimes some simple things can help change the way we think and process such decisions.

A simple aspect of psychology is looking what we CHOOSE to do rather than SHOULD be doing.

For example, I should be prep my food; I should go food shopping; I should make dinner/meal prep; I should go to the gym; I should do another set on my training program; I should do some extra cardio. What about for outside your gym/diet life, and in relation to work or a relationship? I should reply back to that email, I should start work earlier today, I should make that phone call?

The big issue with SHOULD’s is that it can be the wrong thing or it does not leave us feeling free. Should’s often leave us crushed; deflated and disappointed or may even create anxiety. If you don’t end up doing what you should have done; how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel like a failure, does it make you feel guilty? How do you feel?

We feel guilty for watching TV instead of going outside in the sunshine or hanging out with our friends and family after working a full week. Feeling guilty for not answering emails when you’ve already worked a full day or guilty for not doing an extra cardio session when you’ve already done 6 sessions in the week? Does guilt make you feel any better?

So how can we go about our day guilt free? Well maybe not completely free – we are human after all. So instead of framing life as to what I should to; what about if we looked at is as a CHOICE. This gives life a different perspective.

I choose reminds you that you are free; and free to make your own decision about how you live and shape the course of your own life. Taking away choice restricts us and as humans we do not like restriction.

I Choose makes the things you do more intentional and generally you find that you will want to do it anyway. I choose to watch an episode of a show because I have already worked a full day is ok; and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. I choose to have ice cream for dinner because it is delicious. I choose to wake up and go and exercise in the morning because I want too.

Maybe it is time to look at the decisions that you have in life as a choice rather than a should? Maybe this will help you re-analyse the goals you have, make things a little more attainable and sustainable, and take the guilt away from the decision you make. Not just in terms of your nutrition or exercise; but in all the other things that come across in your life.

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