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Pasta VS Rice

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Last week 7 news showcased a study completed which determined pasta is better than rice; and you know what, they actually have it right for once!

There are a few reasons as to why which I will discuss below.

  1. Lower carbohydrate content per gram weight.

100g of cooked White rice contains 36g of carbohydrate and pasta contains only 25g, which is less than two slices of bread or equivalent to an extra large banana

  1. Wholemeal pasta is higher in protein and full of vitamins and minerals:

Pasta wholemeal

  • 6% Iron (helps to promote red blood cell formation)

  • 15% zinc (increases energy levels, immune system, growth and development)

  • 10% phosphorus (assists with muscle mass growth and repair)

  • 23% of RDI of Vitamin B (increase energy levels)

  • 3% of required iodine (works on increasing your metabolism)

Brown Rice

  • 6% Iron

  • 12% zinc,

  • 9% phosphorus,

  • 15% of RDI of Vitamin B to increase energy levels,

  • 2% of required iodine content to speed up your metabolism.

White Rice

Has around 5% or less of any nutrient!!! AVOID white rice unless there is no other option.

One stand out style type of rice is doongara rice. It comes in both a white and brown rice version. It is packed full of protein and has a higher iron, zinc and phosphorus count than brown rice. So again nutrient wise, if looking for a good quality rice; doongara is the way to go.

  1. Pasta doesn’t create insulin spikes. It keeps your energy levels stable.

Pasta is a low GI food, which basically means the carbohydrate is broken down slowly within the blood stream. The slower the break down the more sustained our energy levels are. White and Brown rice are high GI foods; which means the carbohydrate will be broken down quickly and around 45minutes to an hour later you will be left feeling tired, lethargic, or even looking for more food or coffee.

The only type rice that does not provide an energy spike and drop is doongara rice, again the one packed full of vitamins and minerals J It is a low GI rice and will keep your energy levels stable and prevent cravings! Basmati rice is a close second so if you cannot find the doongara rice, ensure you pick basmati!

However if you are thinking, well Amie, I feel more tired after eating pasta or I find it makes me gain weight, have a think about your portion size? One serve size of pasta equates to around 2/3 C, which is amount smaller than your fist. How often are we served a such a small portion size? The same goes if you feel pasta leads to weight gain – how much are you consuming? Are you actually measuring out one serve? Test it out for a meal and see what happens?

Cons – only one???

The most significant issue I find with pasta  is a number of people are Coeliac (allergic to gluten) or intolerant to wheat.

If you are, then YES choose doongara rice or basmati rice. Otherwise pasta is definitely the better choice. Just remember, be careful of your portion size!

Happy Eating!

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