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Stop making excuses and do it!

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

SO  I MADE WEIGHT!! I think I had the biggest sigh of relief when I woke up first thing Sunday morning and weighed myself. 68.8kgs. I just had to wait a few hours to weigh in!

I will tell you now, the last few days where definitely some of the toughest days I have been through. I am so proud of my own clients who have to struggle to make weight every time they compete and go through this process the few days leading out. They are truly strong willed and mentally focused.

So over the last week, I increased my cardio by another half hour a day (90minutes) however I only did 2 sessions of weightlifting throughout the week leading up to the competition. That was not intentional, it is just the way my schedule worked out.

I got to Friday morning and I was sitting around 1kgs heavier and I was freaking out. I did a 10km run and 12km row in the morning, with the intention of going back that night and doing another hour long workout. I saw my musculoskeletal therapist :) Celeste (Allev8 health – SHE IS AMAZING!!) and she helped relax some very tense muscles from all the extra cardio work. The only thing is I got to the gym Friday night, and I was in no shape to train, my muscles were achy, I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to lift on Sunday. I was literally at the point of giving up and thinking ill still keep my nutrition in check, but I physically cannot do anymore training to get my weight down. Fortunately I had two good friends in my ear that night reminding me I can do this and will do it.

As I was leaving the gym, I got a phone call from one of my clients who I have helped a number of times to make weight of the last few months. He literally was my saving grace when he told me to do no more cardio unless it was on the day of the competition. I was literally so happy. He gave me a couple tips to help drop the rest of the weight, and from 7pm that night to 7am the following morning I dropped 1.2kgs to sit at 69.6kgs. I was pretty stoked!

On the Friday I ate 1 protein bar, a few crackers, 100g of chicken breast and probably drank around 1-1.5L of fluid. Saturday, I had 100g of chicken breast, a couple small vegies, jelly babies to try and keep my energy levels up, and probably 500mL of fluid. I weighed in at 69.4 that evening.

So it was a pretty hard couple of days. The moment I weighed in – I ate 1 GF weetbix, ½ C of goodness superfoods digestive 1st and about ½ C of 5am muesli with some milk. BEST MEAL EVER! I was sooo happy! And then I ate some carob coconut rough and drank a lot of fluid! I was very full, but I had soo much more energy!

I found the whole competition experience scary, but fun, but I was nervous because the reps have to be perfect. As this was my first competition, my coach wanted me to lifted lighter – which I am glad he did, I hit a 45, 49, 53 in the snatch and did 60, 65, 70 in the clean and jerk. I missed the 70 with a press out in the jerk. But I am happy enough with how I went. I have qualified for states and that’s what I am happy about!

So where to from here. Well after my refeed on Sunday – a lot of carbs haha, and Monday was a bit of a write off as well, not as bad as Sunday, but still more carbs than what I should, I am now sitting at 72kgs, which is about 0.5kg more than what I wanted to be two days post competition. But I know I will lose around 1kg pretty quickly one I am back into training properly and consuming a good nutritious diet. The hard part is, my stomach has shrunk so much, I cannot eat much without feeling really full! So it is going to be careful planning on my part from now.

I wanted to change my diet up slightly, so breakfast will be oats with protein powder for the days ive trained, and then a smoothie for the days I don’t.

Lunch will be an omelette, maybe with a slice of toast – I will see how I feel.

Dinner – chicken/kangaroo/steak with vegies

Snacks – corn thins and vegemite, milo and milk, and an orange or banana.

This should hopefully let me see about a 0.5kg loss over the next few weeks to sit around 69-70kgs. I will probably do the extra steady state cardio 1-2 times a week to help also keep my weight down, but otherwise GOODBYE CARDIO. 6 weeks to STATES, where I will attempt to lift some decent numbers for myself! :) Bring it!!

What I quickly want to share about this whole process is, I dedicated myself to this goal. So many people have said you made it look so easy, or I need you will power. This was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do mentally and physically. I struggled, and I had amazing people around me to help me through it.

Find friends who will help you, stop being afraid of failing. Be who you want to be, and stop making excuses as to why you cant. You are in control of your outcome, stop whinging, complaining, and just do it!!

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