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Superfoods - my top 8

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Superfood is the term that is thrown around so frequently these days.

So for today’s blog I thought why not break down the benefits of the most vitamin and mineral dense products available at the moment.

  1. Kale – Kale has been stated to be one of the best nutritionally balanced foods provided today. It contains more than the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in just 1 cup! So in terms of trying to prevent any sickness, consuming a cup of kale a day during winter may be a good idea. However, most people I find (myself included) kale to not be the most delicious tasting lettuce out there. So if this is you, try combining a few other vegetables/fruit to get what you need. Kiwi fruit/mandarins and oranges are great sources of vitamin C along with strawberries and broccoli. Consume 1-2 of these a day and along with the other foods you consume, you should be getting all you need in the day!

  2. Chia Seeds are one of my favourite foods that I try to include in all my clients diet every day. This is due to its high omega 3 content. In just 1 tsp it can provide what you need on a daily basis. Omega 3 is great for preventing inflammation within the body, and keeping those joints healthy! So 1 tsp a day – add it into yoghurts/smoothies/ homemade biscuits/breads – it is definitely worth it!

  3. Oats are also one of my other favourite foods. It is a fantastic source of soluble fibre. Soluble fibre removes the bad cholesterol out of the bloodstream and helps keep our heart healthy. The only down side it is doesn’t not have a great amino acid profile in terms of protein. As a result, I add ½ a serve of protein powder and ½ C of milk to the oats after cooking to ensure I am eating all the protein I can get in the one meal. Also be careful with portion sizes. Oats are carbohydrate dense – usually 1/3 C is all that is needed to keep energy levels high.

  4. Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea helps by aiding gut digestion and increases gut health. Kombucha is a probiotic drink due to its fermentation process is holds a number of bacteria and yeast. Probiotics are living micro-organisms (good bacteria that live within the gut). Probiotics support the immune system, aid absorption of nutrients throughout the gut and prevent the invasion of harmful bugs. If you have the ginger flavoured ones, it almost tastes like ginger beer, DELISH!

  5. Saurekraut is a fantastic probiotic as it produces the bacteria lactobacilli, which is great for a healthy gut and for the immune system. As I explained the benefits of probiotics above sauerkraut is definitely a superfood in my eyes.

  6. Acai – this is a great product although quite expensive. It is full of antioxidants and is great for heart health. However if you do not want to spend money on this product, have some other berries instead – blueberries in particular are also high in antioxidants!

  7. Eggs contain the perfect protein and is one of the most nutrient dense food available! Eggs are low in calories, high in protein and contain Vitamin B12, selenium and choline, all which are very important for brain function. Consuming eggs every couple days is a great option for a main meal or snack! Cheap, simple, versatile and delicious, you can’t go wrong.

  8. Caesin – Milk protein. Many people are afraid of cows milk and how unhealthy it is for you. When looking for weight loss it is one of the first things to be cut out. Milk is contains about 80% Casein and 20% whey. The casein gels to the lining of the stomach, which means it will be slowly digested contains casein, which is a slow releasing protein. Casein blocks protein breakdown, which for those who are looking to gain muscle mass is essential. Having a glass of milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese before you go to bed at night will help with muscle mass development!!

These are my superfoods and the ones I include in meal plans on a regular basis!

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