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Tips for maintaining body composition over Christmas

If we only had to think about Christmas Day in terms of eating (or overeating), we would recommend just having a great time, enjoying all the amazing foods that are available and celebrating with your loved ones. However, for most it isn't just about Christmas Day... it's the weeks of parties and events that come along with it.

PLAN AHEAD: Think about the events that mean the most to you, that you want to enjoy, and have a good time. The ones that aren't so important... make a plan.

Make sure you go well-fed. Turning up to an event because you haven't eaten much all day to compensate for the night-time food is not a great idea. You'll be starving and eat more than you would if you weren't very hungry at all!

ALCOHOL: Plan out how much you want to drink. Maybe drive so you don't have the option? Pick low-calorie (spirits and soda water/sugar free drinks/light beer) drink options.

Go in with some kind of plan or guide and aim to execute!

If you overdid it, compensate the following day, maybe skip breakfast or have brunch and get back to normal eating after that. Especially if you don't feel hungry. Don't go too hard or you may overeat the following night too!

And you know what? If you don't care about your body composition, and you just want to have a good time that is also ok and your choice :)

I know I will be demolishing my mum's homemade cheesecake which she makes GF and lactose-free just for me! Thanks Mum, I may share a tiny bit with Jamie this year....maybe.

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